Sunday, November 16, 2008

A God Sent Friend

I have been praying for years for God to send me a friend that I can really trust.

I have not had good luck in this area of my life. Well, luck didn't have anything to do with it. I had no boundaries and needy people were attracted to me. I believe it was the door mat I had written on my face.

I am so happy God has answered my prayer. I feel so blessed to call mamaduck my friend. I can trust her and talk to her about anything. She is so real! She encourages me and rebukes me. Both are so important from a close friend.

I was teaching DOK today and we were talking about building a relationship with God. The more time you spend with Him the more you get to know Him. This made me realize that is what is happening with me and mamduck. God has given us some very special days together the past few weeks and we have learn so much about each other.

It is so nice to have a balanced friendship. I love to do thing for her and she does so much for me. Even though we are at very difference stages of life we still relate so well. I am totally in love with her children. I would give them all the world if I could. But, I will give them all the love they are willing to take instead. Dennis loves them too! They are the most precious family.

I am so proud of the mother mamaduck is. She does it all on her own and her children are just wonderful. She has such faith. Her hardships have made her even stronger.

I pray God will bring you a friend like He has brought me. Thank you Jesus! You knew just what I needed in a friend, she was so worth the wait.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why can't I just be a Martha?

God has spoken very clearly me to me over the last week. He used my precious friend mamaduck and my wonderful husband. His Word is falling on my like a brick wall, and I must say I DO NOT LIKE IT. Friday night I even acted like a child about the whole thing.

If you don't know the story of Martha and her sister Mary I will briefly explain. Jesus and his crew (possible 70+) show up at Martha's house in Bethany. Martha lives up to her name she is a real Martha Stewart (can I get a Go Martha?) She is in the kitchen preparing a feast, only the best for The Messiah! Martha realizes she can't find her sister Mary anywhere. Scripture tells us Martha finds her at the feet of Jesus. Now I am not saying I wouldn't want to sit at the feet of Jesus, but I can relate to Martha, if Jesus is at my house I would want everything to be perfect.

The story continues with an angry Martha. This is the conversation between Martha and Jesus in Luke 10: "Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!" "Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."

Can you imagine being Martha? I couldn't believe it at first. How could Jesus respond like this to a woman that is killing herself to prepare a feast for Him? Well, God has convicted me. Yes, it hurts in the most painful way. I love being a Martha. I love having parties, pampering people, making them feel special. If you know me and you have been to my house, you know what I am saying. I LOVE TO SPOIL PEOPLE!

After having my baby fit telling my husband I don't want to be a Mary, I like being Martha! Yes, I acted like a big baby. God has shown me what it means to be a Mary. I love it. I have spent more time at the feet of Jesus in the last week. I am so glad God commanded me to sit at His Son's feet. There is not place I would rather be.

OH, I will always be a Martha. God didn't create me any other way. But, with His help I am going to find the balance between the two. But, most importantly I am going to spend all the time I NEED at the feet of my Precious Savior.

To all those Martha's out there, try being a Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus, you won't be disappointed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Time of Gleaning

It is amazing to me that life can go from everything is just about perfect, to total change in such a short period of time. I miss perfect! So I feel like Ruth when she was gleaning the wheat field waiting for something better to come along. It seems every aspect of my life is changing. Why can't it be just one area at a time? I am fully aware that God has me in fire to refine me yet again. I was just not ready for the heat. I just hope I can be refine quickly so I can get some peace!

I use to have a job that I loved, not it is far from me loving it. I am praying for God to give me joy in a very unhappy situation. I feel very lost and without direction. I am patiently waiting this one out. Even though I would love to look for something new. I know God has something planned!

I must say things with my daughter are going much better. When I met her on her terms in opened up the door for some amazing conversation. Of course communication is always the first step to understanding where a person is coming from. I am so happy to announce she has decided to wait 3 year to get married! Praise God, not only did she hear what I was saying, but she listened too!!!!!!

Yesterday I heard God tell me "without vision people parish". I have been chewing on that all day. So God, please show me the vision you want me to see.

I have debated about sharing this last area, but I think it is my biggest joy robber. So, I am asking for prayers. I have been afflicted with not only back pain, but pain in all my joints. Even my ribs. I can't stand for my husband to even touch me anywhere near my ribs. This pain is also accompanied by fatigue. Along, with prayer I am taking control of the situation myself. I am walking everyday (even if my back is hurting) I am taking a sleeping pill every night so I get a good night sleep and I can tolerate my c-pap. Last but not least, I am drinking water and cutting back on carbs. Please pray with me that all of the above will get me feeling like myself again. I like to be busy and I just don't have it in me to busy right now.